f World White Web - Take part in changing the search results for hand on Google.

Take part in changing discriminatory search results!

When you search for images of the word "hand", all you see on Google are white hands, regardless of where you are in the world. World White Web is an initiative that wants to put an end to the norm of whiteness on the Internet. If we all share the images on this site, we can change the search results on Google to include hands of people of color too.

This is how we bring about change in Google:

1. The more people that share these images, the higher their ranking will be on Google. Share these images and link to the site on social media. Sharing on websites like Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter can boost the ranking on Google. Make sure that you make your posts "public" so that others may share them.

2. If you write for a newspaper, if you blog, or if you reach many online readers through other means, be sure to upload these images and to link to worldwhiteweb.net on your site.

3. Read more on structural racism by using the links below.

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